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We established our audio/video studio because of our own needs in DVD and other multimedia production areas. Beside classic radio and TV ads production and dubbing (documentaries and cartoons), our studio is fully equipped for music production - ads and other production background music, intro themes, audio effects etc.
In cooperation with our top class translators, editors, narrators, actors and singers we have produced numerous radio and TV ads and hundreds of hours of different documentary and cartoon programes.
Our professional equipment manufactured by Focusrite, Sony, AKG, Tascam, DBX, Schoeps, RME, Genelec, Sennheiser and instruments manufactured by Gibson, Fender, Ibanez, Roland, Boss gives us an opportunity to produce almost any requested tasks.
Our audio/video studio is fully equipped for:
  • using all modern audio/video formats
  • different audio effects production
  • themes, samples or any music production
  • narrators, actors and singers recording and editing
  • live action and animation dubbing
  • audio/video production and postproduction
  • non-linear audio/video editing and compositing
  • graphics (still and motion) design and production
  • 2D and 3D computer animations
  • hand drawn 2D animation

NET currently operates 3 dubbing studios in Zagreb (Croatia), 6 studios in Belgrade (Serbia), 4 studios in Ljubljana (Slovenia) and 2 studios in Bucharest (Romania). So far we have produced more than 10000 hours of quality dubbing for various animated and live action content.


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