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Walking with Monsters

format: series, 3*30 min


Four–meter long sea scorpions, ferocious ten-foot long mammals with dog-like skulls, mega-spiders the size of a human head… These are not some nightmare fantasy creatures, but just some of the animals that actually roamed the earth before the age of the dinosaurS.…

From the makers of Walking With Dinosaurs and Walking With Beasts comes this epic and entertaining new exploration of the evolutionary battle which raged on our planet for billions of years – a war between the most strange, savage and successful animals ever to walk the earth.

State-of-the-art technology and scientific research enables us to witness, with incredible realism, an array of weird, wonderful and terrifying creatures. From early life where we meet the sea monster Anomalocaris, we watch the Hynerpeton – the first amphibian – develop and struggle to avoid the attacks of the giant five metre-long fish Hyneria. Evolution on land produces more bizarre beasts like the sail-backed, super-predator, the Dimetrodon; the half-reptile, half-mammal Gorgonopsid and the Euparkeria, a tiny reptile whose descendants will one day become dinosaurs.

Through Walking with Monsters we can witness the early story of life and discover how humans owe our existence to monsters more strange than we could ever have imagined.

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