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Multimedia - NK Dinamo

We produced a multimedia encyclopedia NK Dinamo in cooperation with NK Dinamo. It a bilingual PC CD-ROM : Croatian and English. 
The CD-ROM is for PC use: 

CPU Pentium 233MHz Pentium II 333MHz or faster
HDD 120MB free space 120MB free space
RAM 32MB 64MB or more
CD-ROM 24X 40X
SOUND DirectX compatible DirectX compatible
OS MS-Windows 95 MS-Windows ME or 2000
DIRECT-X v.6.x v.7.x or higher

The multimedia encyclopedia NK Dinamo consists of eight (8) chapters:

Chapter “HISTORY” 
Here you can find encyclopedic facts about: NK Dinamo predecessors, NK Dinamo coaches throughout history, medical services, fields where NK Dinamo played and Dinamo football school. There are also facts of all the teams of Građanski, Hašk, Dinamo, HAŠK-Građanski and Croatia from 1923 till 2001. There is a list of all matches played in and out of Croatia, including official and friendly matches, with a list of marksmen from 1945 to 2001.

This chapter gives the information about Dinamo team today, its professional headquarters, its Executive board, club administration and contact information.


Chapter “GALLERY” 
In this chapter there are 195 photos about the club (action / campaign photos, historical photos, coaches, etc.) and 100 photos from the BadBlueBoys fund. A special part of this chapter is the database of Dinamo's players. Here you can find information about over 220 players including their photos and their statistics.


Chapter "VIDEO"
This chapter is divided into several parts (goals scored, anthology, miscellaneous, BBB) that contain more than 30 video clips with the total time of 25 minutes.


Apart from the above mentioned parts of the encyclopedia about the most faithful fan group - Bad Blue Boys (photo gallery and video clips). Also there is information about BBB history.


This chapter offers the most interesting information about the club: its biggest successes, the list of the best scorers and players with the largest number of matches played, the glorious international victories and defeats. A special part of this chapter (and one of the most interesting options of this CD-ROM) is the interactive search of the database of the matches played. So it is possible to search separately for the matches played in Croatia, or international matched or the whole base at once. While searching you can ask for a match list with a specific rival and the matches where a specific player scored. In addition there is a possibility to combine the conditions. 
For example:
- the first possibility is to search for the matches vs. Hajduk
- then we can search for a list of matches (at home, international or all together) where Z. Kranjčar succeeded
- we also can search for matches vs. Hajduk where D. Šuker succeeded.

In this chapter you can choose background music (one out of three music subjects) to play while you use the encyclopedia (or if you want, the function without music). You can also use one of 4 "wallpapers" for your MS-Window.


Chapter "ZAGREB"
In this chapter there is short information about the city of Zagreb. It is mostly aimed at foreigners using this CD-ROM.



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