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Gladiators of Rome - Audio / Video Services

After Pompeii's destructive eruption, Timo becomes an orphan and ends up in a gladiator academy in Rome. As time goes by, he shows less and less interest in that career, despite his stepfather's wish for Timo to become a formidable gladiator. But, all of this will change once Timo meets Lucille and decides to become the champion of the Colosseum.

We dubbed this animated feature film in 2018.

Kiva Can Do - Audio / Video Services

Kiva is a little girl who spends her days exploring the world around her, alongside her best friend Saul Dunne and pet dog Angus. Their inventions help guide them through all kinds of adventures. Making sure that they don't go hungry during their exploits is Nanni Praveena who prepares delicious snacks for them. Because with a full tummy, Kiva and her friends can achieve anything!

We've been dubbing this Nick JR animated series since 2018.

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello┬┤s Library - Audio / Video Services

This Nickelodeon produced TV film is based on a book in which Luigi Lemoncello organizes an escape game in his futuristic library. Dozen twelve year olds will have to find clues in each section of the library so that they can succesfully finish the game. But, after one of the players decides to cheat, the rules change.

We dubbed Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library into Croatian in our Zagreb studio early in 2018.

Sunny Day - Audio / Video Services

Sunny Day is a hair stylist running a beauty salon in Friendly Falls, with help from her friends Blair and Roxy, as well as her pet Doodle. When it comes to emergencies, they hop in their Glam Mobile and come to the rescue! Each episode ends with instructions that can inspire younger viewers on a new hair style, be it a Halloween appropriate spider style or an everyday classic braid. You can try your hand in hair styling if you visit

Croatian version of this animated series is available since 2018.

Tiny Christmas - Audio / Video Services

Elfonso the elf works in Santa's workshop as an engineer who invents a device for shrinking presents. But, clumsy Elfonso accidentally tests his invention on two girls, Emma and Barkley. After shrinking, the two cousins end up across the street and have a long and dangerous road to cross so as to return home. While doing so, they'll discover they are not as different as they originally believed.

This Nickelodeon TV film was dubbed in our studio before Christmas of 2017.

Kid-e-Cats - Audio / Video Services

Two kittens, Cookie and Pudding, and their little sister Candy are three curious kittens who love all the things children love: to play, eat candy and explore the world around them. With help from their parents, these kittens learn new things and go through new adventures each day. We started production of Croatian dubbing for this preschool series late in 2017, in our Zagreb studio.

For fun games and interesting content with Kid-e-Cats, visit

Paw Patrol DVD 5-8 - Multimedia

Hugely popular pups from Paw Patrol are now available whenever and wherever you want. The rest of the first season has been released on four new DVD-s. In these episodes the pups save mayor Goodway, the Turbots and even Ryder himself. Apart from that, they have great fun, but also realize the importance of regular check-ups at the dentist.

DVD-s of the second part of season 1 with everyone's favourite puppies have been released in 2017.

Pirata and Capitano - Audio / Video Services

The heroine of this animated series is Pirata, captain of a pirate ship, who sails the sea in search of adventure. She is joined by Capitano, a boy who loves to fly his seaplane, but hates the water. Together, they embark on exciting journeys and meet new friends along the way.

We dubbed the first two seasons of this children's series in our Zagreb studio during 2017 and 2018.

The Crumpets - Audio / Video Services

The Crumpets, a large and eccentric family with 142 children where most of the mischief is managed by Granny, suprisingly. She is addicted to gambling and onion crisps and will do anything to earn something extra, even fake her own son's kidnapping. Pa, a benevolent silly goose with a green thumb, and Ma, a brilliant inventor with patience for her children, but no tolerance for Granny's schemes, try to control her wild spirit. The youngest child, Li'l One, will do whatever he can to get the attention of his mom. Get ready as hilarity ensues in this not-so-ordinary cartoon.

We dubbed the first two seasons of The Crumpets, a comedy animated series, into Croatian during 2017 and 2018.

Contraptus - Audio / Video Services

The famous inventor Leonardo da Vinci inspired the character of Contraptus who tests his numerous inventions on his benevolent, but silly disciple, Basil. While with each new episode Contrapus invents something new, Basil clumsily blows up their house. In spite of their differences, these two do share one thing: they simply love the spaghetti that Matilda the housekeeper makes for them!

Three seasons of this animated series based on the popular Belgian comic strip were dubbed in our Zagreb studio during 2017 and 2018. Apart from being entartaining, the series is educational since each episode ends with a two minute section that reflects the theme of the episode.

WITS Academy - Audio / Video Services

In the one and only season of the spin-off to Nickeledeon series Every Witch Way we followed Andi, a young student at the WITS Academy. As the first human guardian, she had to prove that she was worthy of the title each day. A task that Jessi and Ben, two mischievous WITs she had to see through graduation, made more difficult than it had to be.

We dubbed this comedy teen series into Croatian in 2017.


Ben 10 - Audio / Video Services

Your favourite hero is back in a new production of megapopular animated series Ben 10. In this version Ben is also travelling the USA in a trailer affectionately named Rust Bucket, alongside his cousin Gwen and grandpa Max. Villains often get in their way, but as long as Ben can use his omnitrix to transform into an alien, the villains stand no chance. Either as Cannonbolt, Diamondhead, Grey Matter or Wildvine, Ben will spoil their evil plans. With a touch of comic relief, of course.

During 2017 and 2018 we dubbed the first season, as well as first 20 episodes of the second season into Croatian.


Wild Kratts - Audio / Video Services

This animated series follows two brothers on their travels around the world as they rescue endangered animals. They are aided by Aviva, a programmer who invents special animal suits that help defeat villains. Through their adventures, children learn about ecology and the importance of preserving nature.

We dubbed two seasons into Croatian in our Zagreb studio.

Legends of the Hidden Temple - Audio / Video Services

This live action film inspired by a popular game show from the 90s follows siblings who stumble upon a hidden temple on their jungle tour. Despite the fact that the area is restricted, they venture in and meet Olmec, ruler of a kingdom that is now in shambles. He believes that Sadie, Noah and Dudley are the only hope for the once mighty kingdom.

Legends of the Hidden Temple was produced by Nickelodeon and dubbed in our studio in 2017. 


Wallykazam - Audio / Video Services

In this fairytale world, we follow Wally Trollman, his pet dragon Norville and other friends, as they use Wally's magic wand to turn words into objects. The mean Bobgoblin often gets in their way, but that is not something Wally and his friends can't handle. This animated preschool series is designed to help children develop their literacy skills.

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