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Dora the Explorer 1-4 - DVD Distribution

Dora's adventures are now available on four DVDs. Each DVD contains three episodes. In these episodes, among other things, Dora meets Pegasus, goes trick-or-treating for Halloween, enters the land of trolls and goes into the Enchanted Forest! The episodes are dubbed into Croatian.


Sea Monsters and Walking with Beasts - DVD Distribution

Sea Monsters take the viewers on a unique journey underwater, millions of years ago. The fearless presenter explores various seas and encounters diverse underwater life forms from seven different eras.

Walking with Beasts consists of two trilogies which vividly discover incredible ancestors of modern day mammals and the first apperance of human life. Also, it recreates creatures and landscapes which dominated the Earth after dinosaurs went extinct.

These documentaries produced by the BBC and dubbed into Croatian recreate life forms that used to inhabit our planet and are available on three separate DVDs.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Activity Book and DVD - Multimedia

A team of fearless warriors are up against evil!

Ninjitsu warriors guided by the great master Splinter are armed with top weapons. Four brothers, ninja turtles, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello and Raphael fight the evil Shredder and a race of alien conquerers.

With each activity you get a free DVD containing 3 episodes.

The Littlest Angel - Audio / Video Services

This is a heart-warming tale about a boy who went to heaven too soon and is eager to come back to Earth. Once he succeeds, he'll go through an adventure with a faithful friend by his side - an angel dog. The two of them will give their all to retrieve the best present for baby Jesus.


Winx (Season 6) - Audio / Video Services

The megapopular series, Winx Club, is going on. Our dubbing studio produced the new, sixth season, with Croatian dubbing.

Jinxed - Audio / Video Services

Jinxed is one of many hilarious family comedies produced by Nickelodeon. In this film, we follow members of the Murphy family who have been experiencing bad luck for decades. To be more precise, ever since they were subject to a witch's curse in 1914. But it's one hundred years later and the Murphy family is determined to break the curse on its family name, once and for all!

We have successfully dubbed this feature film into Croatian.

Swindle - Audio / Video Services

In this Nickelodeon comedy, we follow Griffin and Ben, best friends who are leading entirely ordinary high-school lives. Until one day, they find a baseball card and sell it to a collector, unaware of its true value. Once they realise their mistake, the boys form a diverse team in an attempt to cunningly acquire the priceless card and save Ben's family from losing their home.

The Haunted Hathaways - Audio / Video Services

Michelle Hathaway moves into a new house with her two daughters, Taylor i Frankie. But the girls soon discover there is already a slighty unusual family living in the house - a family of ghosts! Join these two entirely different families as they learn to live together in laughter.

For more on The Haunted Hathaways go to

Sam and Cat - Audio / Video Services

Sam and Cat is another teenage live action show produced by Nickelodeon. It is a spin-off of two Nickelodeon famous brands - iCarly and Victorious.

Sam (from iCarly) and Cat (from Victorious) are a bit older now and they live together. Naturally, that means they are going through crazy everday adventures.

Thundermans - Audio / Video Services

Thundermans are a very strange family. They have super powers, yet they live ordinary lives. Or at least they try to keep it ordinary!

We have successfully dubbed this new Nickelodeon live action series.

Sustav eCinema - Software

Yet another Croatian theater accepted our 'NET eCinema' software solution for their business.

It is 'City Cinema Bjelovar'.


Rocket Monkeys - Audio / Video Services

'Rocket Monkeys' is a new animated series produced by Nickelodeon.

We have dubbed these unbelievable adventures of Gus, Wally and robot Yay during their space travels by rocket under guidance of smart Dr. Chimpskya.

Dora The Explorer - DVD distribution


The best friend of all preschool girls is coming with her friends in their funny and educational adventures. Enjoy Dora's adventures on 4 DVDs.

Dinology Junior - Activity Book 5 - Multimedia

The new activity book from our series 'Dinology Junior' brings new entertaining and educational queries that will help our preschoolers to practice their skills in writing, math, nature and other didactical skills. For the first time this book brings competiting games to played by two players.


The Land Of Giants & The Big Claw - DVD distribution

In those two special episodes of 'Walking with..' series, scientist Nigel travels through the time to the past. Nigel witnesses the life during one of the most dangerous time on Earth.

He travels among the biggest animals that ever lived on Earth and he's trying to find the owner of the biggest claws ever found as a fossil.

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