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The Ballad Of Big Al - DVD distribution

The creators of the 'Walking with Dinosaurs' TV show that took the world by storm have returned to tell the story of Big Al, an allosaurus whose amazing fossil was unearthed in USA. Not only were the bones they found those of a dinosaur that lived 145 million years ago, the skeleton of this creature was very nearly complete.

Walking with monsters - DVD distribution

From the creators of legendary Walking with dinosaurs the new and stunning show was produced. Walking with monsters epsko is an epic research of survival battles raging all across Earth hundreds of millions of years. Cutting edge production technology gives us an opportunity to witness those stunning and terrifying creatures once walking on the Earth.

Three episodes of 90 minutes in total duration on one DVD.

In distribution.

Zack & Quack - Audio / Video Services

Zack and Kira are a small boy and girl. But not very ordinary. They live in a pop-up world. This is something that everybody has seen in wonderful picturebooks in which the characters and objects raise up from the pages. This way we get to enjoy a wonderful 3D world while following the story.

Really unique computer animation brings us into that pop-up world. Its interesting and educational stories are suitable for children of preschool age.

Slugterra - Audio / Video Services

Slugterra is an animated TV show showing adventures of Eli Shane and his faithful friends Kord, Trixie and Pronto in the fight against evil Dr. Blakk. The fights are done by special weapons that fire little 'slugs' with different characteristics.

Dinologia Junior - Activity book 4 - Multimedia



Learn more about the amazing world around us with a help of not so scary dinosaurs! Topics cover first grade science curicculum.

Activity book 4 is in distribution.


Kim - Audio / Video Services

British India in the mid 19th century. An old lady Sulima tells a poor orphan Kim his fate. He is destined for greatness. Along with his spiritual teacher, Teshoom, he embarks on a journey across India. On this exciting journey, he will learn important life lessons, like the one that danger lurks around every corner.


Moon Man - Audio / Video Services

A bored Man in the Moon hitches a ride to Earth on the tails of a passing comet and starts to explore a new planet. But all is not well - the Moon Man's absence from his post means that all the world's children are unable to sleep. Before the President, megalomaniac obsessed with conquering the moon, can capture him, they must join forces to return him to his rightful place in the sky.

Croatian and Slovenian dubbing available.

eCinema - Software

Another cinema in Bosnia And Herzegovina became user of our ticketing software solution - 'eCinema'. It is theater 'Novo Sarajevo' driven by 'Lokom' company.

eCinema - Software

Another cinema in Croatia became user of our ticketing software solution - 'eCinema'. It is 'Ekran' company from the city of Split operating two cinema rooms.

Andrew Marr's History of the World - DVD distribution

Andrew Marr goes on an epic journey through 70,000 years of human history, telling the story of how great forces of nature and individual genius shaped the world we live in today.

Four DVDs with eight episodes in total of this interesting history series are in distribution.

Christmas in Prehistoric Valley -Interactive Storybook -Multimedia

Santa Claus has had an accident and he ended up in Prehistoric Valley. Our skilfull dinosaurs and their human friends will give their best to help Santa! But that's a mission that can't be accomplished without your help!

Big Time Rush - in distribution with OK! Magazine
  • Kendall, James, Carlos or Logan? The choice is yours! Follow  the adventures of your favourite boy band with the craziest and most red teen magazine, OK! Magazine. You can find the first season of Big Time Rush on DVDs with OK! MAgazine. Be trendy, be ok and let it be big time! 
Sam and Cat - Audio / Video Service

Sam and Cat is a teen sitcom.  It is a crossover/spin-off of both iCarly and Victorious. It stars Jennette McCurdy as Sam Puckett (from iCarly) and Ariana Grande as Cat Valentine (from Victorious). The girls meet by chance during a bizarre adventure and become roommates, then start a babysitting business to earn extra money.

The Rabbids: Invasion

Mischievous bunnies have invaded the world of Rayman, and now the insane Rabbids have a new objective: invade planet Earth! They will try to study human behavior by mimicking everything we do…but in the Rabbid sort of way, with no logic…of course.

Sanjay and Craig

Sanjay and Craig” is the story of an adventurous 12-year-old boy who proves the old adage: there’s nothing you can’t accomplish (or destroy) as long as your best friend is a talking snake. In the wilds of their suburban neighborhood, Sanjay and Craig embark on epic, kid-inspired quests, from perfecting the ultimate bike skid to masquerading as doctors that perform the world’s first butt-transplant. The only thing that stands in their way is their unhinged, snake-phobic neighbor, who is always on the verge of figuring out that Craig can talk.

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